CEO Biography

When I was a kid, I always want to be a PILOT, a commercial pilot, I was influenced by them, how do they fly, how do they move, how do they have been built.

They’d grown up inside me day by day, I used to draw them by types, giving them liveries, post them on my bedroom’s wall, and before I used to go to sleep, I used put myself inside one of their cockpits, imagining myself giving the Capitan’s speech to his passengers announcing the take off. Way far from the homeland, I realized that nothing can be apart between me and aircrafts; I used to read a lot about their performance, the concept of the flying theory and engines.

However, I studied different subjects to provide my B.Sc. when I went to university, I did CIS (Computer Information System and Data Analysis), it was an intermediate step that I promised myself I will achieve what am looking for, in the future.


I used to work in London, lucky enough; it was by shifts that allowed taking few flying lessons from the aerodrome near my residence location, then I provided my medical certificate regulation with the CAA – Class 1 to make sure that am fit to be a pilot, then I took 3 months holiday, I went to Tulsa, Oklahoma in the USA to provide my FAA JAA PPL, which I did and I came back to the UK to apply it on the JAR – FCL PPL, as I gained my licence in 2004 with 400 hours logged them on my log book on Cessna 152 and Piper, combined with solo, cross country, night flight, VFR/IFR.

The next step was to go to the university to do all my ground studies, so I did, I went to London Metropolitan University – Dept. of Civil Aviation in 2006 to study 15 subjects to get the Full ATPL, those were: Principles of Flights, Instrumentation, Power plant, Airframes & Systems, Electrics, Meteorology, General Navigation, Radio Navigation, Operational Procedures, Flight Planning, Performance, Mass & Balance, Air Law & ATC Procedures, Human Performance & Limitations, Communications. After I passed all the exams, I provided the extended hours on multi engines aircrafts to fly cross country inland the UK, that took me long time while I was working in the IT industry to support myself financially, then I provided my IR, again too long time too, till 2008, and the only thing that I didn’t realize, time was clicking off for the pilot’s selection age to apply as a first officer in any airline, sometimes I couldn’t achieve the level of the interview because of the age factor.

The strength personality inside me kept me moving along in the business side of the aviation sector, I didn’t step aside and let the time pass me through, I became involved in air shows as a supporter since 2008, gradually built up my communication skills with suppliers of the jet fuel and spare parts on light fixed wings and rotors, I start trading direct from the suppliers after I brought the clients into the point where I had to show them my commitments, leading time delivery and price competence, so I formed the company in 2009 under the limited liabilities regulation in the UK for general aero parts selling, I started with fasteners, bolts, batteries and harnesses. Then I entered the market to supply landing wheels and tyres.

I travelled all around the world gathering clients (airlines, private aircrafts owners, flying clubs and regional aerodromes) with suppliers to buy parts individually and by lots, I participated in international air shows in the UK, France, USA and Dubai, I also participated in MRO conferences nationally and internationally, as from being a part in the MRO’s I generated my experiences to meet the buyers & suppliers and biding on the lots of parts anything from nuts, screws to the landing gears and engines.


I created my company a respected name and high profile among the companies in the same domain that impressed the clients and the suppliers within short time of business time scale.

I became an affiliate elected by the Royal Aeronautical Society as a permanent member since 2007, attending their conferences and summits, taking consideration of changing and updating rules of aviation into business account that applies nationally and internationally. I became a supplier for the most airlines that located in the USA, Middle East and some Far East (e.g.: Japan, Singapore and China) I also involved in their market for growing routes for those whose seeking our educational methods of management and administration.

Every day to me, is a heavy day, and it can hit my weekends as well, it depends on the priority of the case that am dealing with and the time leading to deliver the part to the client. So the structural procedure of one transaction starts with a request from the clients of the part that they need, normally they have to indicate the part number, the condition of the part they requested, the quantity and the priority if urgent or routine.

On a normal business day I can expect about 200 requests of which can be made over the phone or by e-mails, on weekends it can be up to 50 requests especially from those countries that Saturdays and Sundays is their business days, as on the other hand the heavy day, I can expect up to 400 requests on that day.

Every day is new day, a new challenge and a new chapter – I never stop supporting and supplying.

Awsam Farjo (CEO)